Are your Hormonal Issues Due To Estrogen Dominance?

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Estrogen Dominance: Causes and Remedies

Dr. Ray Peat, a pioneer in the field of natural hormone therapy, coined the term “Estrogen Dominance” to describe what happens when the normal ratio or balance of estrogen to progesterone is changed by excess estrogen or inadequate progesterone. Estrogen can be potentially dangerous when not counter-balanced by adequate progesterone.

While hot flashes and night sweats are classically a sign of decreased estrogen levels in the body, the answer may not be as simple as taking synthetic or even natural estrogen. It is possible that estrogen levels are low, but rarely does a case exist where the levels of progesterone are not also just as low or lower.

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Heartburn Can Destroy Your Health: The Danger Of PPIs

We have many patients that come to the office for a variety of conditions. One of the most silent disease causing conditions is GERD.  By taking medication for the condition you don’t have the “problem” anymore.  But did you know that by taking this medication you are making a short term problem into a long term disease?

New Year’s Challenge: Lose Weight By Getting Rid Of Chronic Inflammation


Remove common inflammatory foods from your diet for at least 2-6 weeks so you’ll know how they are affecting you. These foods are: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, added sugar, artificial colors/sweeteners, all grains, caffeine, and alcohol. These foods can compromise your immune system and create hidden inflammation.

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Are Your Digestive Issues Causing Your Depression or Anxiety? The Link Between Moods and Altered Digestive Function.

digestive problems

Digestive dysfunction is rampant in the US. Approximately 9 million people suffer from at least one digestive problem-abdominal pain, IBS, constipation, or diarrhea. One in five of us suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract characterized by diarrhea, stomach cramps and bloating. Digestive problems are the number one reason people see their medical doctor, especially as we age.

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