Breakthrough Diagnosis Tool Uncovers What’s REALLY Causing Your Health Problems


The headline comes from Dr. Mercola’s site and he is praising the technique (ART) that we practice in our clinic. The technique is finally getting the recognition it deserves! The article explains autonomic response testing (ART) and the science behind it. This is not new age or voodoo, this is a scientifically based diagnostic tool for helping practioners to determine the proper course of care for their patients.

We have seen many, many “miracles” with this technique!! Patients that have reached the end of their (medical) rope and have no where else to turn have found this technique to finally give them answers and hope. Please pass along this article to as many people as you can to let them know there is another way to handle and treat their health problems and it is based on scientific principles.

The reason medical doctors have such a hard time with this is that the treatments are not the same for each patient even though they may have the same disease. What works for one person with fibromyalgia may not be the same answer for the next.  But guess what, we are all different with different histories and lifestlyes and stresses, so to expect one thing to work for everyone is just wrong.

Hope you find this article helpful in explaining to your friends and family that there is another way other than the one size fits all. See more info on our website page:

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