One in Six Patients Believe Their Doctor Made a Mistake in Their Treatment

ImageThis headline was featured on He cited a study that found that 13% of the people polled received the wrong diagnosis and 12.5 % received the wrong treatment so as a result, one in seven patients had opted to change physicians. There have been many studies showing that more people die from receiving the wrong prescription drug than from one of the leading causes of death-heart attacks.  Johns Hopkins Medical School refined this research and discovered that medical errors and prescription drugs together may actually be the Leading cause of death.

That is to say you never should go to the doctor or a hospital. However, take control of your health. Dr. Mercola suggests that you make sure your doctor listens to you. Unless you find a holistically minded physician who can teach you how to achieve and maintain good health, you are throwing one band-aid after the other your way.

You need to control what drugs you take. Look them up on the Internet to see side effects.  Prescription drugs DO NOT cure disease. They merely hide the symptoms-what doctors call managing the symptoms. Drugs bypass the body’s natural systems to block body processes. You get well by increasing the body’s natural systems so IT can take care of the blockages to health.

Mercola writes “Please know that you CAN take control of your health. In fact, it’s not only your right, but your responsibility.” I agree! I have seen patients regain their health and banish symptoms of disease naturally without the risks involve in taking prescription drugs.

Our personalized programs are a great way to get your health back on track.

To read the entire article from Dr. Mercola: One in Six Patients Believe Their Doctor Made a Mistake in Their Treatment


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